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New shipping containers in the UK are imported from China, the world's biggest manufacturer of steel shipping containers, and arrive at our ports loaded with cargo. This makes economical sense, and keeps the resale price down. Therefore, technically all new shipping containers are 'once used', and may show signs of handling, but should not be damaged or structurally affected in any way. Once used containers should last a good 20 years or more

Making a new 15ft container

Although we don't manufacture containers in the UK, in order to produce a 15ft sized container, we have to cut up larger standard sized containers (20ft and 40ft) when they arrive on our shores. For more information on this process, see our article on Cut Down Containers.

For a lighter budget we can also make side door containers from second hand 20ft and 40ft containers.

Doors in the side

Side doors are useful alternative to the traditional shipping container end door. They give more flexibility over where to site the container - in some locations it will be more convenient to have the longside facing our, instead of the narrow end. Choose between a side door as an alternative to an end door, or in addition to. Our side doors are still a standard 8ft width, so on a 15ft container, we can be flexible over positioning the doors.

Work in Progress - putting the side doors in

First we cut the aperture for the doors, into the side of the container. After this we create a frame for the door, and weld this to the aperture. We are then ready to fit the door, which will require repainting.

If you have chosen to have the door simply repositioned, we need to create and weld a new end piece for the container, where we have taken the door off. If you have chosen your side door as an extra, we simply leave the original door in tact. The pictures below illustrate the main steps in this process.

15ft side door options

When fitting doors in the side we offer a choice of three styles:

S1 Side door containers

As featured above, S1 side doors are easy to use as they are constructed from flat steel panels, which reduces the bulk and makes them user friendly for all. The locking system is very secure -a steel bar, protected by a steel lockbox. Quality container padlocks then secure the lockbox.

Cost of new 15ft container with S1 side door only - £2450 plus VAT

(Add compressed door seal)

An option for S1 doors - these are attached to the inside of the container door and compress to form a watertight seal when the door is closed.

Cost - £65 plus VAT

S3 Side door containers

At Containers Direct we offer a unique third option which combines the advantages of both types of door. We are lucky to have manufacturing facilities on site and have designed and manufactured a door which is both easy to use and is superior in quality. Although the appearance of S3 doors may differ slightly from container to container, they all share these characteristics:
  • New/once-used

  • External rubber door seals

  • Waist high handles

  • Two locking arms on the right hand door only

  • Shoot bolts on the left hand door

S3 side doors
Cost of new 15ft container with S3 side door only - £2625 plus VAT

S4 Side door containers

Galvanised steel, padlockable on both ends, 8ft wide roller shutter doors make a great alternative, or addition, to standard storage doors. They come in either manual or electrical options.

Cost of new 15ft container with S4 manual side door only - £2920 plus VAT

(Please enquire for cost of electric option)

S5 side door containers

These are steel personnel doors, suitable for frequent pedestrian use in out of the container, incorporating multi deadlocks and offering high levels of security. Personnel doors are the preferred door type for our portable site office units, and other conversions, such as offices, classrooms, workshops and equipment stores.

Price per personnel door - £565 plus VAT

Additional doors

These can be fitted in the opposite side of the container, or alternatively, on either end of the container. Choose from S1, S3 or S4 container door types. For end doors we can use the original shipping container door (S2), as illustrated in the picture, or use any other door type - the choice is yours!

Prices are £550 for an S1 or S2 additional door and £725 for an S3 door.

Optional extras for containers

We offer a range of accessories and services to fit our customers' individual requirements:


Our 15ft new shipping containers come in standard blue and green colours. However, we can repaint your container exterior to any colour required from our extensive RAL colour chart.

Cost to repaint 15ft container - £170 plus VAT

Cost to repaint 15ft container, by masking door seals and locking gear (to retain 'new' appearance) - £270 plus VAT


Add one of our specialist Lock 2000 padlocks, compatible for use with the lock box, for a discounted price of £35 plus VAT


This steel lockbox protects the padlock from tampering - price £55 plus VAT

Ply Lining

A ply lining combined with rockwool insulation will keep the container at a constant temperature and provide the most resistant measure against condensation.

Cost to line 15ft container - from £950 plus VAT


"Disguise" your container with wood cladding. It protects, looks good, and can help with planning permission. Choose from three standard types of wood, or enquire about bespoke finishes. For more details read our page Cladded Shipping Containers

Cost to clad a 15ft container start from £980 plus VAT

Shelving Racks

Make best use of all the available space, and keep things tidy and well organised with shelving.

Cost per bay (1m/3ft wide) - £60 plus VAT fitted, OR £45 plus VAT self fitted


Choose from two electrical package options
Option 1: One external hook up, a consumer unit, light switch, two 5ft strip lights with diffuser, a double socket - from £330 plus VAT

Option 2: One external hook up, a consumer unit, light switch, two 5ft strip lights with diffuser, two double sockets and wall heater - from £420 plus VAT


An anti condensation treatment to repel moisture and protect contents from moisture damage

cost to treat 15ft container - £155 plus VAT


We offer a variety of ramps for containers - car ramps, heavy duty ramps, lightweight ramps, hinged ramps and bespoke builds. A range of sizes are also available. Cost from £205 plus VAT


Gingerbread Holding Ltd requested a 15ft container with no end doors, S1 side doors, and ply lining. Our client said:

"The process of buying a container went extremely well, the service from start to finish was of a high quality and it was a pleasure doing business with Containers Direct."

Axe Skip Hire Ltd purchased two containers and gave us this review:

"Very helpful, talked through the requirements and advised on our needs to come up with a good solution. We had two containers, communication was very good, delivery and waiting time as they said. Would highly recommend and will be using again in the future."

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