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The 20ft shipping container is one of the most well sold products available from Containers Direct. It's economical, hard-wearing and can be used for storage as well as shipping. Also known as an ISO shipping container, it is the best way to ship goods overseas as these containers are transported in a stack to maximise space and keep costs down. For this reason, ISO shipping containers come in uniform lengths of 20ft and 40ft, and 8ft in width.

Unbeatable quality and value

Shipping containers are basically a metal box, made from Corten steel which makes them waterproof, extremely hard-wearing, very difficult to damage or break into and superb value for money. The price of shipping containers has been driven down by the decline of the manufacturing industry in the UK, meaning more containers arrive in the country carrying imported goods than are needed to leave the UK carrying exported goods. This means we have a good supply for resale, and we can offer the 20ft shipping container for sale at a great price too.

New or used shipping container?

This can be a tough decision, one that will also depend on your budget. As a guide, a used 20ft shipping container for sale will be great value for money in terms of being structurally sound. With a long life span where it will remain wind and watertight and problem free, it can be repainted to cover any cosmetic damage and wear and tear. Used containers can vary in terms of cosmetic appearance, which is why some people prefer buy new - although technically "new" shipping containers in the UK are more accurately described as "once used", as they have had one sea going trip to transport them here, so they are not guaranteed to be in perfect cosmetic condition either.

If you are still unsure which is best for you, go to our descriptive new and used container pages.

Modified 20ft shipping containers

Many of these shipping containers for resale are put to use as a storage container, where they are either sold as they come, or modified to produce storage containers of different sizes. For example, a 20ft shipping container can be made into two smaller 10ft sized containers. This procedure involves making new doors and gives the customer the option of having these fitted in the long side of the container if required - or you can have both if you need extra doors! Find out more about 20ft containers with side doors.

In addition to a range of sizes, we also modify containers to give you a choice of door types, adapted to suit purpose. For instance, our S1 doors are designed with frequent use in mind, as they are a lot less unwieldy than original shipping container doors, while S5 doors are suitable for frequent pedestrian entry, essential for containers converted into site offices etc.

See our full range of door options, and find out more in our news article A Guide to Choosing Shipping Container Doors

Free with 20ft containers


All doors on our 20ft FG containers are fitted with a lockbox, at no extra cost. The lockbox fits snugly around the container lock to prevent unauthorised access.

Modifications list

We offer a full range to enhance your 20ft container, whether it's for practical purposes, or to make it look good, you'll find it here. If there's anything else you feel your container or conversion product needs, then please enquire.


Add one of our specialist Lock 2000 padlocks, compatible for use with the lock box, for a discounted price of £35 plus VAT


Have your container repainted on the outside to your own choice of colour, in rubberised, protective container paint.

Cost to repaint 20ft container - £195 plus VAT

Please note for very light or bright paint options (ie white, yellow, red, orange) there is a supplementary charge of 75% over standard repainting rates

Compressed door seals

An option for S1 doors - these are attached to the inside of the container door and compress to form a watertight seal when the door is closed.

Cost - £65 plus VAT

Interior repainting

An interior repaint can instantly improve the appearance of used containers.

Cost - £190 plus VAT

Ply Lining

A ply lining combined with rockwool insulation will keep the container at a constant temperature and provide the most resistant measure against condensation.

Cost to line 20ft container - from £1050 plus VAT


"Disguise" your container with wood cladding. It protects, looks good, and can help with planning permission. Choose from three standard types of wood, or enquire about bespoke finishes. For more details read our page Cladded Shipping Containers

Cost to clad a 20ft container start from £1265 plus VAT

Shelving Racks

Make best use of all the available space, and keep things tidy and well organised with shelving.

Cost per bay (1m/3ft wide) - £60 plus VAT fitted, OR £45 plus VAT self fitted


Choose from two electrical package options
Option 1: One external hook up, a consumer unit, light switch, 2 x 5ft strip light with diffuser, a double socket - from £350 plus VAT

Option 2: One external hook up, a consumer unit, a light switch, two 5ft strip lights with diffusers, two double sockets and wall heater - from £450 plus VAT


An anti condensation treatment to repel moisture and protect contents from moisture damage

Cost to treat 20ft container - £190 plus VAT


]We offer a variety of ramps for containers - car ramps. heavy duty ramps, lightweight ramps, hinged ramps and bespoke builds. A range of sizes are also available. Cost from £205 plus VAT


Gary Simpson from Knowles Uk Ltd purchased a 20ft container, treated with Grafotherm and repainted green. He was very impressed with our customer service!

"It all came across as very efficient and customer centric. Very good service, great product. Well managed from initial contact, right through to an excellent delivery driver. Definitely use these guys again."

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